1. shuteye (RIP) - street certified (da lost tapez)
    shuteye aka whatchamacallit

  2. a wrap
    jake & the fat kid (sham, ne dubz)

  3. pain

  4. bang out!
    peedi bang

  5. dj xplicit (houston) - partners in grime (screwed&chopped)

  6. Perfect Storm - PS2

  7. perfect storm compilation

  8. a league of our own
    heat league

  9. bloody bean

  10. against the grain
    mr "bigg" nash

  11. jake tha rippah
    sham aka jake wood

  12. who is
    wolfgang wise

  13. razors edge
    rek a word

  14. ne bonics
    ne dubz

  15. poseidonism
    poseidon (kloud 9)

  16. mad drama
    jado (j-nice)

  17. is it kosha?
    kosha dil

  18. recorded live 06-24-01 uncut

  19. picklez 'n fish
    mad pat (mp)

  20. low down dirty

  21. contaminated shipment
    underworld chiefs (uwc)

  22. u cant burn
    tim d.o.g (draggun of god)

  23. revenge
    lu chin chen

  24. based on a true story
    shuteye aka whatchamacallit

  25. down direk
    down direk (lu chin chen, deep)

  26. kosha element
    kosha dil

  27. dubl homicide
    dubl homicide (j-nice, rek a word)

  28. lights out.
    kloud 9 (poseidon, prophet)

  29. 7 dayz lost...

  30. constant elevation
    mr nash

  31. fatal union FU
    true persuasion aka TROOPA

  32. enta da draggunz
    dubl draggunz (j-nice, sham)

  33. by ne meanz
    NE dubz

  34. establishment

  35. the curse
    lu chin chen

  36. bottom of the food chain
    underworld chiefs (prolung, xcon. 5%)

  37. let me tell ya
    sham is the serkumfrinz

  38. operation: street
    mr nash aka pretty tony

  39. combat text 2000
    5P (j-nice, mad pat)

  40. poetic justus

  41. we ain't alone
    dunjen (shuteye, 360 degreez)

  42. Call Of The Wild
    kloud 9 (poseidon, prophet)

  43. foul play...
    true persuasion aka TROOPA

  44. Triple Threat EP with dunjen, j-nice, the sham

  45. kloud 9 mass marauders (demo tape rip) 1998

  46. 5th platoon (demo tape rip) 1998

  47. sham one vs true persuasion 1997 (demo tape rip)

  48. true persuasion fist of the north shore (demo tape rip) 1997

  49. TMS NSHC (demo tape rip) 1997


NME wreckidz Gloucester, Massachusetts

NMEwreckidz is a small label from coastal town in MA. since 1995. 90s style NYC smash mouth murder rap only. street hop. real recognize real. produced mixed and mastered by Mr Diligence




RIP DEMEKO aka 720

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